Six reasons to partner with a third-party maintenance provider


Disruption in business occurs when a solution performs a task better than the current options — and at a lower cost. Greater productivity and reduced expenditure help start a chain reaction of innovation and development as time and resources can be directed towards growth.

Third-party maintenance (TPM) providers have disrupted the traditional IT maintenance market by allowing businesses the opportunity to sidestep the ‘programmed obsolescence’ of IT equipment, and extend the useful life of their networking, server and storage assets by up to five or even ten years.

Conversion from traditional manufacturer to TPM support is now happening at an unprecedented rate. Why? Because TPM providers continually demonstrate the value they can bring to an organization by offering flexible, comprehensive IT support solutions for up to 80% less than what the original equipment manufacturer is prepared to offer.

In addition to the financial savings, the disruption stems from the increased utility, ROI, and sustainability that product-agnostic TPM providers offer.

Where OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are incentivized to push upgrades at EOSL (End of service life) dates, third-party maintenance business models are focused entirely on the customer, rather than a product. This means they are able to support a worldwide portfolio with a single point of contact, offering the same quality of service and technical expertise, regardless of location.

TPM providers also contribute to the growing need for sustainability via level 3 equipment maintenance and support, replacement or repair of enterprise and data center hardware, on-site engineering assistance, remote monitoring, operating support, and consulting expertise. Infrastructure audits can also demonstrate which IT assets can be rolled over after warranties expire, and identify opportunities for repair, reuse and recycling.

By extending the life of IT equipment, needless e-waste is prevented. Raw materials are saved from new production cycles. As companies set internal sustainability targets and forthcoming legislature, such as ‘Right to Repair’, are passed, the interest and appeal around TPM will only continue to grow.

Companies everywhere are now reassessing their priorities and making the smart move to third-party maintenance. Read more about the six compelling reasons to make the switch.

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