Defeat the ongoing chip shortage with sustainable practices in IT

Forecasted to last until 2023, the current imbalance in demand and supply of semiconductors continues to negatively affect industry sectors worldwide.

As a result, companies are now shouldering higher costs along their supply chains and face serious logistical obstacles, threatening production, and profitability.

Sustainable practices in IT can however help to indemnify your infrastructure against disruption – with Evernex here to assist.

Our third-party maintenance services and refurbished hardware enables you to better optimise your existing IT equipment, removing the need to produce new and helping to preserve chips where they are needed most.

Apart from the positive impact it leaves on our environment due to less e-waste and greenhouse gas emissions being released, you also benefit your pocket – with up to 70% savings compared to the original manufacturer, without compromising on quality or performance.

To build back smarter and more sustainably, while saving time, money, and hassle – Speak to our experts


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