IT leaders’ reaction to economic uncertainty and digitalisation

Covid-19 has brough along many difficulties to traditional business structures. The sudden expedite in work-from-home, which is still effective in many companies worldwide, and restrictions on business delivery had enormous impacts, both financially and technically. These radical shifts placed weight on businesses to review budgets and cut costs across the board, while still finding room for improvement and ways to remain relevant.

IT departments were naturally affected due to the upward movement in digitization, presenting them with new challenges on their own performance, as well as the IT equipment and infrastructure requirements of the business.

 With increased pressure on IT leaders to bridge this movement competently, the efficiency of IT systems and processes became imperative.  It was clear that companies could not afford error or downtime, as this would result in further financial loss.

One positive conclusion is that economic deliberations obliged businesses to examine internal methods, question assumptions and reprioritize.

To help, we conducted a European-wide study with various IT professionals, diving deeper into the challenges companies faced during covid and which actions they have taken as response. 

What it covers:

  • How the economic crises influenced IT budgets
  • Actions taken by companies to balance IT performance and spend
  • The operating life of hardware in data centers
  • The importance of proactive maintenance 
  • Emerging developments triggered by Covid



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