The critical role of refurbished hardware in IT operations

The decision to buy refurbished hardware is often driven by the need to optimise IT budgets and maximise the return on investment from hardware.

Because of the lower cost, some might mistake refurbished hardware for used hardware and assume there are compromises to be made on quality or durability. But there is a key difference between used and refurbished hardware.

What is refurbished hardware and why should you choose it for your IT operations?

Refurbished assets are fully tested, certified and come with an extended third-party maintenance (TPM) warranty. And the significant savings of 40%-80% that refurbished assets can deliver makes them critical to any IT operation. Companies using refurbished equipment know that it is possible to buy servers in ‘like-new’ condition without sacrificing quality, reliability, or performance.

In fact, when companies obtain refurbished products from suppliers that provide inspected, cleaned, tested and restored hardware to original factory specifications, RMA rates are typically lower on refurbished equipment. This is because any initial bugs or issues with the equipment have already been identified and addressed. Also, warranty and long-term extended maintenance plans can contribute to the ROI (return on investment) compared to what manufacturers can offer.

Opting for refurbished hardware has clear ‘Day One’ business advantages. It reduces costs, increases performance, and helps businesses become more agile. But, through the ‘second life’ given to materials, it can also help businesses positively contribute to environmental sustainability.

Refurbished hardware helps prevent unneeded e-waste and by prolonging the life of IT assets with extended service after the OEM service agreement ends, it prevents the need for new systems to perform the same operations. Opting out of the ‘Take-make-dispose’ cycle will prevent the consumption of new raw materials and the environmental impact that comes with the production of new equipment.

Extending lifecycles, using less, and understanding the true useful life of equipment puts pressure on the very concepts of planned obsolescence and an OEM-defined service life, helping drive the industry towards sustainability as a standard.

Why choose Evernex products?

We provide refurbished hardware with:

Outstanding value

  • Significant savings compared to new hardware
  • High level of performance and reliability
  • Useful life of your data centre hardware is extended by two to five years or more


  • Products are cleaned and restored to original factory settings
  • Hardware equipment, including server, storage and network equipment, are thoroughly tested in live data centre environments during the refurbishment process to ensure component and system reliability
  • Evernex is WEEE & ISO certified


  • International shipment from 330+ stocking locations
  • 24x7x365 assistance
  • 235 k+ spare parts delivered per year.
  • 850k+ multi-vendor items in stock

At Evernex, we believe that when quality-tested, refurbished hardware is complemented by a proven maintenance solution, it not only frees up budget for other crucial IT projects but presents opportunities for sustainability – supporting our commitment to building a ‘Greentech’ community.

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