Server moving procedure: The difference between hiring technical specialists and general server movers

Mission critical corporate IT systems are very valuable for companies; therefore, when you are planning a move, they cannot be entrusted to general server movers, just as you do not take your super or luxury car to the local mechanic

Critical IT infrastructure handling requires specialized IT professionals having high skills and wide experience in server moving and storage functions and sensitivities. For this reason, Evernex Remarketing can provide you a variety of professional solutions for IT asset relocation all around the world, from full distinguished delivery services to basic shipping services.

We have all heard many bad stories about accidents happening while server moves are carried out by unspecialized movers.So even if you have a small company with a dozen servers to move across town, why would you consider your valuable company’s data as an easily replaceable item? However, any problem during the move would prevent the access to the information for an extended period and consequently cause losses for your company.

Our specialized server relocations service is designed for providing your company with flexible and customizable solutions to meet your budget and requirements. We adopt a defined structure when planning for our projects and service delivery in order to reduce eventual risks and shorten planned downtime while eliminating the risk of unplanned downtime. No other asset relocation firm enjoys the infrastructure and method we adopt to ensure a smooth relocation – every time.

And since not all our customers require our full “white glove” IT asset relocation service, we have created a number of service features to allow you to choose which components are essential to your needs while balancing budget vs. risk.

Evernex provides a variety of service levels for IT asset relocations, supporting everything from basic server moves (“pack and ship”) to full data center migration planning and relocation of your server, storage, and network environments.

Evernex – Characteristics of Hiring Technical Specialists for IT Asset Relocations and Server Moves:

  • Certified Field Engineers: Your IT assets will be disassembled, packed, and re-installed by Evernex certified field engineers, who have a wide experience working inside data centers every day and handling critical hardware assets
  • Spare Parts: In case of hardware failure, Evernex can provide immediate spare parts replacement due to it’s large, global inventory of parts which allows it to treat hardware problems quickly.
  • Green-Light to Green-Light Verification: Our specialists will assist you in making sure all assets are working properly, prior to relocation and after final installation. This procedure reduces overall risks of hardware failures when they are powered-up again. And if any issues occur, we assume the responsibility and fix them immediately.
  • Server Move Planning: Our relocation project managers will work closely with your team to set a relocation plan that is convenient to your acceptable maintenance periods, down-time requirements, system criticality, etc.
  • Global Availability: Thanks to its global presence, Evernex can cover your needs for moves across town or to another continent.

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