Recycling your IT can reduce overall carbon emissions

E-wastes are the fastest growing stream of wastes around the world. Approximately around 1 million tons of IT wastes are generated in the UK alone. As per the European Commission’s report the IT wastes in EU are expected to grow to more than 12 million tons by 2020. WEEE helps in reducing the carbon and CO2 emissions. If more IT wastes are added to landfills, then the CO2 emissions would contribute more towards the global warming.

Evernex is dedicated towards addressing this problem. When an equipment cannot be refurbished or be deployed into IT operations, Evernex offers a comprehensive WEEE recycling service and works with the customers to reduce their carbon footprint through strategic recycling and disposal of their e-waste responsibly.

As a leading provider of IT hardware and maintenance services worldwide we can extract maximum value from an equipment in our recycling facilities. We help reduce 700 tons of CO2 and 2,743 tons of ore each year. We can recycle over 98% of all the recovered IT hardware, which helps us to scale our IT assets enabling us to offer exceptional pricing to our customers.

This helps us to develop and implement a robust environmental strategy. We can manage the WEEE and help reduce carbon footprint in the companies, which then not just helps in reducing the costs but also contributes positively on the environment.


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