Key benefits of 3rd party maintenance service and support

When it comes to “doing more for less” third-party maintenance  is the first choice for most IT managers globally. More and more companies are now finding new and innovative ways to reduce costs and to make the most of their capital expenditure on IT equipment in pursuance of their business objectives. 

Although original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)  are the ideal choice when it comes to new equipment, there are several factors to consider when the initial service agreement expires. After all, why pay more, when you can get the same quality of support and spares with a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) for less? Evernex can provide top quality IT support services ensuring cost savings and benefits at a fraction of the price compared to OEMs. It’s high-quality hardware support at a lower cost. 

The maintenance contracts of third-party maintenance providers offer a range of benefits. What follows is an overview of the main ones. 

The benefits of third-party maintenance (TPM)

1. Single Point of Contact

Generally, a third-party service provider is a single point of contact for all your support, maintenance and spare requests. This eliminates the lack of accountability that can occur when dealing with multiple service providers, which can be an issue with OEM services. This will eventually lead to reducing wasted time and paperwork to a much more manageable level. We also offer online contract management to further simplify the process.

2. Best Support

Third-party support vendors offer a wide range of choices and service levels agreements, often to a much larger degree than OEMs. They provide 24/7/365 on-site performance and technical helpdesk support. The common service agreements from TPM providers offering options include the following: 

  • From four-hours up to next-business-day response times 
  • Five-days or seven-days per week coverage 
  • The inclusion of repair parts, labor and travel; priority within the queue; and up to unlimited service calls 
  • 24/7/365 technical support helpdesk 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Access to service via phone and online portals 

3. Experienced Technicians 

Third-party service providers maintain a team of technicians who are experienced in dealing with multi-vendor support. They develop in-depth expertise through extensive, ongoing training and real-world experience servicing data centers and other machines from multiple equipment manufacturers. They are capable of servicing and providing hardware maintenance for all major providers including IBM,  HP,  Dell,  EMC,  Cisco,  Juniper  and many others. Whether you require data center equipment maintenance or support for other hardware, our experts have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service.

4. Rapid Parts Availability

Evernex has stocks in various geographic locations around the world to provide companies with a fast and reliable quality service of replacement parts for their mission-critical infrastructure. The company never compromises on the quality of their spare parts. They undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure that they will continue to perform at the expected levels. This means that third-party management guarantees quality equipment, service and parts in all of the hardware it services.

5. Proper procedures and escalation methods in place

Evernex has all the necessary procedures and escalation practices in place to ensure accountability and client satisfaction at every level. Evernex has ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certifications. It also follows directives laid down by WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment) for IT disposal, and is regularly audited to offer high-quality hardware maintenance and support. So you can rest easy knowing that your company’s hardware is in the hands of certified experts.

6. Guaranteed savings from day one

Unlike OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), Third-party maintenance (TPM) and support companies don’t have to make huge investments into hardware research and development. This helps TPM providers keep costs considerably lower than those of OEM support organizations. OEM sales teams are encouraged to sell new equipment rather than extend the life of the already installed hardware. Consequently, original equipment manufacturers will increase the cost of post-warranty customer service in order to be able to sell more new hardware to its users, which has a negative effect on the IT budgets of companies. 

On the other hand, with Evernex you can achieve a superior level of quality for just 40-70% the cost compared to manufacturers’ post-warranty agreements. Thanks to its global presence and resources, you also enjoy greater flexibility and guaranteed quality for the rest of the hardware’s service life. This means making the most of your IT budget in every way.

7. Improved Sustainability

Another benefit of third-party maintenance is how it improves sustainability. By extending the life cycle of hardware beyond a point determined by the OEM, companies prevent the manufacture of new equipment and its related emissions. Additionally, the use of refurbished parts to repair and maintain equipment gives new life to components, further contributing to a circular economy approach to IT. 


Key capabilities to look for when selecting a TPM provider:

Following are the key capabilities you need to look for in a potential third-party maintenance multi-vendor and its support contracts: 

  • Worldwide coverage 
  • 24×7 technical support helpdesk 
  • A high customer retention rate 
  • Industry recognition and experience in the market 
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and WEEE certification 
  • Availability of spare parts 
  • 24×7 on-site responsiveness 
  • A network of certified engineers 

Evernex has leveraged its technical and business expertise to become a leading provider for critical IT systems and its maintenance services worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with maintaining your critical IT infrastructure. 


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