IT Recycling: Wondering what to do with out-of-use servers?

If you’re worried about what to do with your out-of-use servers, here are your top options Recycle, Repurpose or Reuse.

Businesses today have more options for IT recycling than ever before when considering to dispose their unused IT hardware. Today, companies are planning to increase the ROI of their IT applications and therefore have slashed budgets, and many service provider renewals are put on hold, but since the demand is ramping up while the budgets are constrained, the existing IT infrastructure can play a crucial role. So why would you change from something that is still working well for you.

Although we are against planned obsolescence of IT hardware, we promote cost effecting upgrades when there is a change in your specific technical and business requirements. Evernex enables cost savings by up to 40%-80% if you are keen to upgrade your IT infrastructure.

Even after your server is out of use due to the change in your technical and business needs, there are still plenty of popular options available to repurpose your out-of -use server to non-production tasks like test and development. There is a huge chance for you to handle those tasks smoothly with your out of use IT hardware. These servers can also be repurposed in branch offices and departments needing a backup data center to support a newly added server as the existing servers are more stable than newly added hardware.

Another area where these servers can be used is virtualization, where such servers can help by allowing greater utilization of the server’s computing resources. In fact, the out-of-use server can possibly do more work once it is virtualized with a hypervisor like Hyper-V, ESXi or XenServer.

Another option would be to dispose the out-of-use servers. WEEE certified companies like Evernex can safely dispose your out-of-use server in an environmentally responsible manner as per the directives set by WEEE. WEEE directives impose responsibility for the disposal of IT hardware and also makes it possible to return the hardware to the market in a cost effective way.

You can also donate these servers to a charity with computing needs. Other than that, on a number of occasions, when your third party service provider is upgrading your existing IT infrastructure they will remove the out of place systems for you if you like; you may very easily negotiate the out-of-use IT systems into purchase contracts. Finally, with Evernex’s safe disposal service you have the option to always merely scrap the out-of-use servers, Evernex will help you dispose the data perfectly both on-site and off-site with end to end reporting. Our Asset Recovery Services and Solutions help business customers manage their redundant IT hardware by providing solutions that comply with the WEEE Directives.

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