How to optimise your IT infrastructure with third-party-maintenance

A very common misconception in the IT industry is that once a piece of equipment reaches the end-of-service/end-of-life (EOS/EOL) date indicated by the manufacturer, it no longer works and therefore needs to be replaced. But in reality, this is not always the case – EOL dates may actually be the perfect opportunity for to optimise IT infrastructure by switching to Third-Party Maintenance (TPM).

TPM providers like Evernex will continue to support your IT assets beyond their EOL dates, which enables you to extend the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure. This means you can make upgrade decisions on your own timeline, rather than the timeline established by the OEM.

In addition, making the switch to TPM is usually very cost-effective and can save you between 40- 80% on your IT maintenance and support costs.

Why are the savings so significant?

OEMs continuously develop new hardware, and in order to pressure customers into buying their latest products, they stop supporting older versions even when their useful life is far from over. However, the lifespan of IT hardware generally stretches far beyond the EOS/EOL date dictated by the OEM.

Sometimes OEMs will offer to continue to provide support on out-of-warranty equipment for an additional year or two, but often the cost of the extended warranty is so unreasonable that it makes more financial sense to just upgrade the hardware instead.

TPMs, on the other hand, provide maintenance on EOL equipment as their primary service offering. At Evernex, our engineers and technicians are specialised in multi-vendor support for older equipment, and since we do not have the same overhead costs as the OEM, such as research and development, we are able to offer the service at a much more affordable price.

Adding TPM to your maintenance strategy will enable you not only to reduce costs, but also to optimise your existing IT infrastructure and get greater returns from your capital investments.

TPM providers also simplify IT maintenance by providing a single point of contact for multi-vendor equipment requirements, unlike OEMs, who can only support their own brand. This means that you will have more time and resources available to address other strategic and mission-critical IT initiatives.

Why is a single point of contact so beneficial?

Easy answer- It eliminates the need to communicate with multiple vendors and saves you both time and money.

Using TPM, you will only have one provider who is accountable for all your IT maintenance needs.

This means:

  • One single vendor contract in place, even for a multi-vendor infrastructure
  • Less administrative work to manage (i.e. renewals, reporting and payments)
  • Reduced risk – one provider who takes full responsibility for the uptime of your critical systems

In a hectic industry where there never seems to be enough time, this type of support model also helps free up resources to address other IT projects.

Let’s recap:

Why choose a Third-Party Maintenance provider to optimise your IT infrastructure?

  • You can make IT refresh decisions on your own timeline
  • You’ll benefit from significant cost savings
  • You can simplify your maintenance strategy with a single point of contact for all your IT assets
  • You get multi-vendor expertise to support every area of your IT environment

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