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Many companies are having a hard time with substandard support at outrageously expensive prices, according to Byrne, an ex-vendor “most of the time big brands get away with outrageously priced unwanted upgrades and substandard support from frightening the customers” In reality the costs can be significantly lower, as most of the time the patches and software bugs are fixed in the first 2 years and with proper maintenance, the server could easily last for the next 8-10 years.

There is no need to be depressed with the untried, ill-equipped, and lack of spare field engineers? Are you searching for a better hardware support solution for your enterprise servers and storage?

Evernex is your choice, did you know that Evernex is supporting thousands of critical servers and storage devices around the world for some of the world’s biggest companies? More and more companies are turning to Evernex for alternative hardware support of their servers, storage and IT infrastructure, Evernex covers multi-brands including HPETM, DellTM, IBMTM, JuniperTM, FujitsuTM, Dell EMCTM, CiscoTM, NettappTM. Evernex supports over 200,000 + systems worldwide, with a team of 160+ certified and multilingual engineers.

At Evernex we offer a full-service solution. Most of the OEM’s and TPM service providers are selling just an insurance. The scenario is more like, an insurance company provides product that one may use or may not use and its customers always have a question in mind, what if nothing goes wrong?

We always offer our customers more than spares and support. Our engineers do a full system analysis and always go an extra mile to support our customers with their support requests. With us it is always like you have added a top-tier engineer to your in house team.

This approach is working well for us. Our 96% customer retention rate proves this. Our customers don’t just contact us for spares but also call or email us to get a quick, accurate answer to a configuration question or what ever else they need.

Talk to our experts to hear more about our third-party hardware support offerings for high-end storage equipment from major brands.

Here’s Why:

  • Incredible savings — up to 70% off of OEM hardware support costs.
  • Flexible and customizable SLAs combined with simplified support pricing, see more.
  • Proper local parts sparing logistics, ensuring required spares are immediately available.
  • On-site support by the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable field support engineers.

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