Evernex drives IT sustainability ahead of COP26

Advancing IT sustainability with reuse, repair and recycling, Evernex is part of the ‘historic opportunity‘ to tackle climate change and deepening environmental challenges of the post-COVID economy receiving attention at COP26.

With services focused on circular IT practices in the data center, Evernex is securing a green transformation in technology and providing carbon reduction measures to counteract the sector’s growing impact with more sustainable use of resources, energy, and responsible e-waste management.

Businesses that transform their processes with Evernex take a proactive approach to global sustainability targets and directly contribute to a greener future, while gaining near-term benefits including improved data center efficiency, performance, brand image and eco-scores.

At the first UN Climate Change Conference since the start of the pandemic, COP26 brings together 190+ world leaders among tens of thousands of ‘parties’ to discuss the rapid decarbonization of the global economy, among the next steps to achieve four climate aims:

  • secure net zero emissions by mid-century to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees
  • adapt to protect communities and natural habits
  • mobilize finance
  • work together.

Today 70% of the world economy is under net zero guidelines, which according to the UN chief is still not enough and why COP26 is addressing the need for a collaborative effort between countries to ‘build back better’ for economic and environmental sustainability.

Evernex is one step ahead with our third-party maintenance (TPM) support model focused on getting the most out of your IT. Since 1983 we’ve been on a mission to deploy green and affordable data center infrastructure solutions to multiple markets across the globe.

TPM increases sustainability by extending the useful life of assets past End-of-Life & End-of-Service-Life dates at costs up to 70% lower than the manufacturer; challenging outdated refresh cycles and premature obsolescence practices used by manufacturers.

This allows companies to preserve IT budget and improve sustainability scores by removing the need for new upgrades and replacements, and therefore reducing the harmful extraction of natural resources and carbon emissions associated with manufacture, which make up the majority of equipment’s lifetime footprint.

Evernex also offers Spare Parts as a Service™, ensuring fast, reliable access to spare parts from worldwide stocks of multi-brand equipment. Lower return merchandise authorisation (RMA) rates, the incidence of goods returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, and lower cost of reconditioned assets increase productivity and return on investment to signal a long-term pathway to more sustainable IT. Companies can protect business continuity by refreshing/upgrading with refurbished during disruption caused by shortages; forecast to increase at our current levels of consumption.

Beyond maintenance and system upgrades, e-waste also presents a significant environmental challenge in IT. Less developed nations in Africa & Asia have experienced problems from the influx of e-waste from more industrialised countries. There, it is disposed of irresponsibly, harming surrounding populations and eco-systems with toxic fumes and chemicals it releases into the environment.

Recycling can however help to stem the damage caused by the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, transforming the unsustainable status quo of take-make-replace in IT. As a leading provider of recycling certified by the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), Evernex facilitates businesses to go net carbon neutral as soon as possible in line with the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ initiative.

With our comprehensive recycling service, we collect, disassemble, sort, and recycle hardware for our customers, repurposing parts and components wherever possible as part of a circular system, regenerative by design.

This current climate conference is key to future sustainability, and we truly hope it will inspire more companies to act.

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