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Digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way we live and work. It powers innovation, streamlines business processes, increases reliability and transparency, and contributes to higher productivity. In the uncertain and turbulent times, we live in, it is an indispensable driver of time and cost efficiency. 

Our deep dependence on data however requires vast quantities of hardware and software to process and store it. Although sometimes referred to as ‘dematerialized technologies,’ the server, networking, and storage equipment we use are a physical reality – and so is their environmental impact. 

This constant demand for new equipment is generating CO2 emissions that will see the ICT sector account for 16% of the global total by 20401. In addition, lagging recycling infrastructure and an uphill battle to challenge planned obsolescence means huge amounts of e-waste are being generated with an associated financial impact. But businesses are beginning to act. 

As awareness of the damage and pressure from stakeholders grows, they are overhauling their IT strategies and choosing ones that boost their enterprise environmental performance. One way IT leaders can meet both economic and environmental demands is following a sustainable approach to IT asset management (ITAM) – incorporating repair, reuse, and recycling solutions where possible.   

This more strategic and analytical treatment of hardware focuses on maximising value across the asset lifecycle – acquisition, operation, and disposal, swapping out old, wasteful consumption habits with ones that protect their profitability as well as the planet.

As an expert provider of IT Life Services, we want to share our insights into the entire ITAM process. In our new eBook, ‘A sustainable approach to IT Asset Management (ITAM)’, you will find actionable steps for every phase, enabling you to implement a lifecycle approach to maximize your return on investment, while minimizing your impact.  

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