An introduction to ITAD, a key component of sustainability in IT

ITAD, which is short for Information Technology Asset Disposition, is expected to become a $24.8 billion business by 2027.

This eye-popping projection is due to the increasing demand for secure and sustainable IT asset disposal services as companies scramble to enhance their sustainability strategies.

Our latest eBook, ITAD matters: harnessing the power of IT asset disposition, explores the reasons why ITAD should be key component of an organization’s sustainability efforts, and why a proactive approach to this issue can yield great benefits.

From the growing problem of e-waste, which keeps filling the planet with more and more tons of dangerous materials each year, to the need to conserve resources, our eBook provide insights into the dangers that organizations run if their disposal protocols are not up to par.

Another crucial area that is addressed by ITAD is data security. With almost half of organizations having experienced data breaches due to improper disposal of their IT assets, proper ITAD practices not only provide peace of mind, but also help comply with data privacy regulations such as Europe’s GDPR.

Sound ITAD practices can also bring organizations myriad benefits, from cost savings due to repurposing or reselling unused equipment to improved reputations and eco-scores.

But how should a company get started when it comes to designing and implementing an ITAD strategy? Our eBook provides a few pointers, while also discussing the importance of selecting a reputable ITAD partner and documenting the whole process.

For more on what ITAD is all about and how your organization should approach it, we encourage you to download our free eBook, ITAD matters: harnessing the power of IT asset disposition today.

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